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Dark Chocolate Peanuts



For a more sophisticated snack, our dark chocolate covered peanuts combine the biting bitters and subtle sweets of our 52% cocoa blend with the smooth and simple savor of everyone’s favorite legume. Each of our...

Chocolate Covered Craisins



Chocolate covered dried cranberries. Kosher Certification:

Dark Chocolate Raisins



To make our dark chocolate-covered raisins we paired some very lucky California raisins with a lovely batch of dark, handsome…chocolate! The combination results in one fabulous chocolatey delight. Dark chocolate fans need look no further...

Dark Chocolate Cranberries



Our dark chocolate covered cranberries are a brand new way to enjoy cranberries. Whole dried cranberries are generously dipped in rich dark chocolate for a real treat. Antioxidants and dark chocolate pack a double antioxidant...

Dark Chocolate Mocha Beans



Dark Chocolate Mocha Beans Kosher Certification:

Dark Chocolate Cashews



Dark chocolate-covered cashews (or dark chocolate cashews) are the result of a decadent union between fine whole cashews and smooth dark chocolate. The combination is at once simple and scrumptious! Our customers rave about these...

Dark Chocolate Pistachios



Perfectly roasted pistachio kernels smothered in delicious dark chocolate. Kosher Certification:

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