Nuts in Bulk for Your Bakery

Bulk Nuts Online from We Got Nuts add the perfect amount of crunch to your bakery’s signature cookies, muffins, and more! Our fresh bulk peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are fabulous additions to banana bread as is, or used in frosting for a sweet and savory treat. In addition to their “Yum!” factor, our gourmet nuts add fantastic nutritional value to anything they’re in—so you and your customers can indulge in your almond croissants and tarts (nearly) guilt free. No matter what your specialty, We Got Nuts is the best place to buy nuts for your coffee shop or patisserie!

Bulk Peanuts and More

Our bulk peanuts come in a bevy of delicious options from in-shell varieties to sesame-crusted and diced styles. Roasted or raw, blanched and salted, our peanuts in bulk are ideal for when you need to make sauces, frostings, batters, or party mixes on a large scale. Besides the famously-buttery legume, We Got Nuts also carries macadamias, cashews, soybeans, and more in multiple bag and case size options! Our hazelnuts, pistachios, and ground and chopped nut varieties are the perfect ingredient to round out any baking recipe. One of our favorites are chopped pecans. They are great for sprinkling on to salads or your choicest deserts. Don't forget to checkout our seasoned and mixed varieties which are irresistible by the handful. Over a cupcake or all on their own, bulk nuts from We Got Nuts are sure to keep you and your customers wanting more!

Gourmet Nuts with Great Benefits

There’s no denying our selection of gourmet nuts is incredibly fresh and delicious—but did you know they’re great for you, too? Nuts have been shown to improve artery, circulatory, and organ health, as well as lower cholesterol with their unique blend of unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and Omega-3s. Although we can’t recommend eating too many slices of pecan pie, our selection of mighty little nuts make them a little more wholesome for you.

Live long, live well, and taste what you crave along the way! Buy healthy snacks and recipe ingredients from We Got Nuts today.