A distinctive light green nut, pistachios fall within the cashew family, but their unique flavor puts them in a class all their own. Often referred to as the skinny nut, pistachios have far fewer calories than many other nuts, which means you can snack on far more of them without feeling guilty.

The perfect complement to both savory and sweet dishes, pistachios can be used for baking, as a salad mixture, or even a topping on ice cream. For culinary creatives who want to include pistachios in a wide range of tasty delights, it’s a good idea to buy pistachios online in bulk so there’s no danger of running out mid-recipe.

With their delicious flavor and their wide range of health benefits, it’s no wonder pistachios are so popular as both a snack and an ingredient.

Where Are They Harvested?

Like many nuts, pistachios grow best in hot climates, but oddly enough, pistachio trees also like dry weather rather than balmy tropics. In turn, pistachio trees often grow in high deserts; pistachios grow in clusters and are harvested between August and October.

Are There Health Benefits?

Pistachios aren’t just delicious, they’re also loaded with nutritional value. Pistachios are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, and other minerals; this means that they are excellent for supporting optimal cardiovascular, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

Because they are relatively low-calorie, pistachios can aid alongside diets to help reduce body mass index for those who choose this tasty nut as a snack consistently.

What’s more, pistachios are packed with fiber and protein, which help to keep you feeling fuller longer and also to aid in digestion.

What’s The Difference Between Turkish and California Pistachios?

The most obvious distinction between these two popular types of pistachios is where they are grown: Turkish Pistachios come from Turkey, and California Pistachios come from California. In terms of flavor, Turkish Pistachios are smaller than California Pistachios, but have great flavor. California Pistachios are generally milder than Turkish Pistachios, and they are larger and easier to open.

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