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Healthy Trail Mix for an Active Lifestyle

Healthy Trail Mix from We Got Nuts includes delicious savory peanut mix, fabulously-tart berry mix, and more! Our nut trail mix selection runs the gamut from the cashew and cranberry-filled Waist Friendly, to the yogurt-infused Pistachio Berry Blend, to the Supreme Almond Mix made to thrill your taste buds and keep your body going strong. We Got Nuts trail mix blends showcase the best of chewy dried fruit, crumbly gourmet nuts, and nutrition-packed seeds—so whether you’re hiking in the Adirondacks or staying healthy on a road trip, order our trail mix snacks online so you can feel full the healthy way!

Peanut Mix & Your Health

Our peanut mix options come in sesame-crusted Sweet & Salty, toasty Crème Brulee, spicy Cajun Mix varieties, and more. By stocking the freshest peanuts, cashews, dried fruits, and almonds in bulk, We Got Nuts is able to deliver you the ultimate in taste and health benefits of our hearty ingredients! For peanuts, this means cholesterol-lowering fatty acids, essential dietary proteins, cancer and heart disease-fighting antioxidants, and a major dose of vitamin E and minerals—and when you order We Got Nuts trail mix snacks online, you and your friends can reap all the benefits of these healthy snacks on the go! You knew peanuts were delicious, but did you know they were this good?

Nut Trail Mix from We Got Nuts

To review, nut trail mix from We Got Nuts is incredibly healthy, remarkably fresh, extraordinarily portable, and ridiculously delicious. If you’ve been looking for a satisfying snack to hold you over on your next camping excursion or cross-country adventure, look no further. Between our outstanding inventory of healthy nuts, savory seeds, and premium dried fruits, We Got Nuts delivers the freshest gourmet trail mix in bulk online or off. Order healthy trail mix snacks for you and your friends in one, five, and twenty five pound options from We Got Nuts today!

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