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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nuts

Posted by : Allen Czermak / On : May 12, 2020

Are you fascinated by the delicious flavor of your favorite nut and realize that you don’t know much about these crunchy and healthy snacks? Here are some quick facts you can use to begin a conversation about nuts or as part of your continued research.
1. Despite being a legume people often reference the peanut as their favorite nut.
2. The official nut of Oregon, the hazelnut, is part of the Corylus species and gets their name from their appearance. That is the term haesel can be used to describe the husk that surrounds the nut on their shrub. While a filbert belongs to the Corylus species, it is often mistakenly used interchangeably with the term hazelnut.
3. You cannot eat raw cashews from the shell. Ever noticed how cashews are shelled and “roasted”? This is done to keep the consumer safe from urushiol that is found in the shells and in the uncooked meat of the nut. Urushiol is also found in the plant poison ivy.
4. Pistachios are classified as a drupe botanically. You’ll note that the “nut” is the seed from the fruit of the plants.
5. Macadamia nuts are more than a snack on the go. Research has shown that these nuts can actually lower your cholesterol. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12672919 Heart smart? You bet!
6. Has your doctor told you to consume more Omegas and you aren’t a fan of seafood? Don’t fret! The walnut has 100% of your daily of the recommended daily intake of Omega 3.
7. Despite their name, the coconut is not a nut. They are technically drupes.
8. Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs.
9. The green and purplish appearance of the pistachio deals are caused by antioxidants. Commercially, the color green has been assigned to pistachio flavored foods.
10. Goobers peanut butter is a reference to the peanut nickname. While there is a chocolate covered candy brand with the same name, the term is an old southern term and not originally associated with the candy.

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