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Dried Figs are More Than Just Delicious

Posted by : We Got Nuts Inc / On : Dec 11, 2019

Dried Figs are More Than Just Delicious

Benefits of Dried Figs

A member of the mulberry family, figs are not only loved for their unique sweetness, but also for their health benefits. These are the first fruits man cultivated and incorporated into their diet. Because fresh figs are not available all year in many places,  dried figs come into view. If you haven’t tried eating dried figs regularly, then it’s time to start. Below are some of the  reputed and proved health benefits you can get from eating dried figs:

Weight loss. In moderate consumption, fruits can help you lose weight. The fiber content in dried figs aid in curbing hunger and help you feel fuller longer. In effect, eating figs many actually lower the amount of food you eat.

Since dried figs are naturally sweet already, a fig doesn’t have added sugars for preservatives. They are healthier than pancakes, smoothies, and baked goods. If you eat dried figs after working out, your muscles will recover, and your glycogen stores will replenish more quickly.

Healthier bones. You get almost ¼ of your daily calcium allowance when you eat a cup of dried figs. As you know, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium, help protect you from osteoporosis if you incorporate them in your daily diet.

They also support bone maintenance and growth. Potassium and calcium help reduce calcium loss due to urination. These elements also help delay the thinning of bones.

Better digestion. Also known as “anjeer”, dried figs are high in fiber. Because of this, they prevent digestive issues such as constipation. It is known as a natural laxative.

Glowing hair and skin. Beauty lasts much longer if it starts from the inside. This is what happens when you eat dried figs. These sweet dried morsels are full of micronutrients (iron and zinc) and antioxidants that strengthen hair and promote healthy skin. The phenolic compounds (saponins, gallic acids, and catechins) protect the body against chronic diseases and aging. Figs also have antibacterial properties that strengthen your immunity.

Better memory. Because of the high levels of antioxidants in dried figs, these fruits can reduce the brain’s oxidative damage, therefore improving memory. Studies also show that dried figs can improve deficits in behavior related to memory.

Improves diabetes. Dried figs have also been known to improve the body’s response to insulin and lower blood sugar levels. They are rich in bioactive compounds such as vitamin E, tannins, sterols, and coumarins, which fight diabetes.

Incorporate dried figs into your daily balanced diet and you will reap their health benefits. Have them in salads, meats, and even multi-grain rice and your body will thank you.

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