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Yes, Pregnant Women Can Enjoy Nuts

Posted by : Robbi Drake / On : May 07, 2020

Yes, Pregnant Women Can Enjoy Nuts

A common concern pregnant women have is whether they can still enjoy nuts. Questions like, “Will my baby be harmed if I eat nuts” or “Can my fetus have a nut allergy?” are valid concerns an expecting mother can have.

It is generally agreed that nuts can help an infant experience better cognitive development, memory, and are able to maintain attention longer during their developmental years.

Based on the research that was done in the study, it is believed that women who introduce nuts into their diet during the first trimester will experience better results for their children. That doesn’t mean if you are later along in your pregnancy it won’t help. Even introducing nuts later in your pregnancy can still benefit your growing baby.

Clearly, nuts will not harm your baby in the womb, by eating nuts in most cases. That brings into account whether your fetus can have a nut allergy. The risk of a nut allergy is minuscule in a fetus.

This is more commonly linked with antibiotics than anything else. When you consider that this can impact 1 in 100,000 infants the benefits significantly outweigh the concern.

But you should always check with your medical professional to determine what choices are best for you and your fetus. While research has suggested that babies can protect themselves for a short period during a maternal anaphylactic episode, it is generally a good move to avoid any allergies you personally have when you are pregnant.

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