Filberts - Hazelnuts

Filberts - Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts (Filberts)

Hazelnuts/filberts have a crunchy texture and a hearty flavor, making them a great addition to sweet and savory recipes and foods alike, and they’re also delicious when eaten raw or roasted on their own. At We Got Nuts, we provide the highest quality of hazelnut (Filbert) products to ensure you can enjoy the intense, nutty goodness of a hazelnut.

 Wondering why hazelnuts are also called filberts? The terms are interchangeable, and refer to the same nut. There are two theories about the name. The first is related to the Catholic Church. In France, the feast of St. Philbert is held on August 20. This Catholic celebration occurs at the same time that hazelnuts are ready to be harvested and eaten all throughout Europe, hence the name.

 Another theory says that the term comes from the German word vollbart, which means “full beard.” The husked shell of a hazelnut certainly does look like a hairy beard, so this is a possibility, too. Either way, Europeans typically call hazelnuts “filberts,” even today. In North America, the term “hazelnut” is more common, though some people still call this nut a filbert.

 Regardless of what you call them, hazelnuts or filberts have a delicious taste and a wide variety of uses. Hazelnuts have a nutty, delicate flavor and can be used in savory dishes, and are often chopped in salads and for use in marinades, or for use in baking or frying fish or chicken. More commonly, they are often used in confectionery goods – particularly alongside chocolate, such as in the well-known sweet spread Nutella.

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